How to clone course content from another course

Cloning copies content from past courses into your course. This saves you the slog of having to re-enter the same course content you added this time last year. If you want to just change a few things, you're free to edit any of the items you import using the clone feature.

  • Faculty users can only clone content from courses with the same abbreviation. That is, ENG101 can clone from other instances of ENG101, but not from MATH101.
  • Academic Admin users can clone content from any course into your course.

How cloning works with synced courses

You can clone content into synced course sections, but you ought to keep in mind a couple things:

  • Cloning overwrites content of the same kind—so if you clone assignments from another course into your course, those cloned assignments will replace any assignments already added to your course.
  • Therefore, cloning assignments into a synced course will overwrite the assignments in all of the synced sections. Think twice before doing this!
  • If you have synced course sections and wish to clone content into them, only clone different kinds of content. For example, if you've synced two sections and have only added assignments, you might only want to clone in (for example) lessons, links, and rubrics.

To clone another course's content into your course...

  1. Click Clone from another course.
  2. Check the items you wish to clone.
  3. Select the specific course instance from which you wish to clone them.
    • You can select different elements from different courses (e.g. clone the assignments from one and the links from another).
    • If you clone the same content from different courses, Populi overwrites the first with the second. For example, if you clone the tests from ENG101 Fall 2021 and then clone the tests from ENG101 Fall 2022, the 2022 tests will over-write those from 2021.
    • Faculty-added discussions will only clone if you also clone the lessons from the same course at the same time.
    • Only graded discussions will be cloned.
  4. Check to confirm your choices and Save.
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