How do I email my students?

Populi gives you several ways to email your students, whether in a group or individually.

Emailing groups of students

Emailing all of your students in all of your current courses

This emails all of your enrolled, incomplete, and auditing students in your current courses—that is, courses that have already started and have not ended yet.

  1. Click My Profile
  2. Under your picture, click Email students


Emailing students in a specific course

You have a few options for emailing students in one of your courses.


On the course Dashboard tab, click Email this section to email all enrolled, incomplete, and auditing students in this section of the course.



On the course Roster, click Actions and select from your options:

  • You can email students in thissection or email students in all sections
  • If you check student names in the Roster, you can email selected students


Emailing individual students

To email an individual student:

  1. Go to their profile; you can do this by clicking their name wherever you see it (say, on the Roster) or by entering their name in the search bar
  2. Under their picture, click Send Email.

You can do this for any of your current students. However, if a student is not enrolled in or auditing one of your courses, you can only email him if his email address is set to Public.


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