Step two: set up assignments

Assignments are graded coursework. After creating assignments, your students can then interact with them in various ways (taking tests, uploading files, leaving comments, etc.), and you, in turn, can grade them—either directly or by using a rubric. Assignment grades are then cobbled together into the student's final course grade one of two ways:

  • If the course grade is based on the weight you give to different kinds of assignments, you'll use assignment groups to set up the weighting. For example: Tests/Quizzes = 30%, Essays = 40%, Final Exam = 25%, Attendance = 5%.
  • If you prefer to simply average assignment grades into the final grade, you'll eschew assignment groups and set up assignments.

To get started, go to your course and click the Assignments view. If you're using assignment groups, set those up first. Afterwards, start setting up assignments. As you add assignments, they'll automatically populate your gradebook. You can add and edit assignments and assignment groups up until the course is finalized.

Read more about creating assignments; also have a look at how to set up rubrics.

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