Step three: create lessons and discussions

Lessons and discussions are optional, so feel free to skip this step!

Lessons are collections of course materials—assignments, discussions, links, files, and "lecture" notes—that cover a particular section of your course curriculum. They include an HTML-capable content editor that lets you include text, images, and streaming audio/video. You can make your lessons available for the entirety of your course, or you can limit their availability to particular date ranges.

Discussions let you conduct online conversations with your students on course-related subjects.

  • Discussions can be tied to the course or to specific lessons.
  • You can create graded discussions by linking them to an assignment. Graded discussions have numerous options that let Populi auto-grade students based on their participation.
  • Discussions can be started by faculty, teaching assistants, the registrar, and—if enabled on the Course > Info view—enrolled and auditing students.
  • As mentioned above, discussions can be linked to lessons; in fact, you can even create new discussions within the lesson itself.

To get started, go to your course and click the Lessons view or the Discussions view. You can add and edit lessons and discussions up until the course is finalized.

Read more about lessons and discussions.

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