Running your course

Here's a quick look at what you'll do with your Populi courses. The point of a Populi course is to award the student a final grade, which is the only item from the course that makes it onto the student transcript. In some sense, everything in a Populi course is optional save for that. So, feel free to make as much or as little use of any of the features mentioned here!

Interaction with students

Once the course commences, your students will start submitting assignments, interacting with lessons and discussions, taking online tests, and piping in on chat and the bulletin board.

As their coursework rolls in, you'll...


The course roster lists all the students associated with the course section together with some basic enrollment information (credits/hours, attendance, etc.).

  • Students shows those who are registered in the course (including enrolled, auditing, withdrawn, and incomplete students). You can change a student's status from Enrolled to Incomplete(and back again). Read more about enrollment status.
  • If the course has multiple course names, Students will be further grouped by course name.
  • Waiting List shows those waiting to be enrolled in the course if the maximum enrollment number has already been met.

Roster activity may continue throughout the term as students enroll late, withdraw, change to auditor, and so on; whatever the case, whenever you look at the roster, you're seeing the current status of everyone taking your course.

Updating coursework

You can update your course at any time before it is finalized. As you add new assignments, for example, the gradebook will automatically figure out how to weigh it in final grade calculations. Wanna spring a pop quiz on your students? Add a test in whenever you wish. Feeling merciful about that term paper deadline? Set the due date back a week. As long as the course is in session, you have unlimited latitude to reshape the course content. Of course, if you're happy with how it's working, then just leave things as they are...

Find all the information you need about conducting your courses and common tasks.

Next step: at the end of the term, enter final grades and finalize the course...

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