How do I zero-out a COD award with a lot of errors?

At various points in human endeavor, it becomes necessary to wipe out everything and start over. This ranges from small things—you way oversalted those beans and if you use them the chili will be unpalatable; you therefore grab the canned beans from the pantry—to the cosmically major—the Flood described in Genesis springs to mind. Somewhere on that spectrum is the possibility of having to zero out a particular COD award.

Here's how you can get a brand new start (with the COD award, at any rate) by using Populi to push the zeroed-out award over to COD. After waiting 24 hours, COD will set that award to Inactive. At this point, you can rebuild all aspects of that award for that student—a brand-new start.

  1. On the student's Profile > Financial Aid view, figure out what to do with any disbursements under the award in question:
  • Scheduled disbursements can simply be deleted.
  • Posted disbursements can be voided—locate the corresponding Aid Payment transaction page(s) and use the Void function.
  • Refunded-to-student disbursements, after you've recovered those funds from the student, can be refunded to source.
  • Regarding all of the above, the point is to mimic reality—whichever of these options best serves that goal will be the best choice. For example, if you refunded a disbursement to the student, don't void it!
  • After you've finished that, click Edit Award.
  • Set the Gross and Max amounts to 0.
  • Click Save.
  • Sync the zeroed-out award to COD.

    After 24 hours, COD will set the award to Inactive. At this point, you can begin remaking the award and disbursements.

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