September 17 to September 21, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Expanded our plagiarism-checking features with Unicheck to include discussions and essay-type questions on tests. We also display the Unicheck similarity score next to the student's name on the main assignment page.

You can now publish the class schedule for an academic term on an external website. Learn more in Academics > Settings > General under Enable Public Term Schedules(down at the end of the article).

"Profile cards" showing a person's ID photo and some basic information now appear when you hover over a person's picture on pages like course rosters.

We added transfer credit changes to the changelog.


Fixed an auto-grade issue with discussion assignments in cross-listed courses that would cause the auto-grade function to fail.

Found a loophole that led to a backdoor that led to a staircase that led to a door left ajar that led to a room with a window that opened on to a porch roof with a ladder leaned up against it that took one down to a spot where students could potentially click a payment number on their Financial > By Term view and see the details for a payment made to their accounts by a third-party or an organization.

Students looking at grading requirements on peer review assignments might have seen numbers like 9.99999999997 instead of the far more elegant "10" in certain fields.

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