Using the feedback options in tests

In this article, you'll learn how to change the default feedback options on a test.

Your test's Feedback settings let you control what your students get to see after they have taken the test. When you first create a test, Populi sets these default feedback options:

  • After taking test: Grade, response scores & feedback.
  • After test date: Grade, response scores & feedback, correct answers.
  • After course end date: Grade, response scores & feedback, correct answers.

You can change the feedback settings under the Information panel on a test's Design view:

  • In the main Course > Tests view, click the test's name. You'll land on the test's Design view.
  • Or, on the assignment page associated with the test, click the test's name, which takes you to the Design view.

To change the feedback settings:

  1. In the right column under Information, you'll find the Feedback settings. Click the word Feedback.
  2. Next to each time period, select a feedback option from the drop-down. (See below for explanations of the time periods and options.)
  3. Click Save.

There are three periods:

  • After taking test: After the student has pressed the Submit button on a test, she'll get the feedback you specify.
  • After test date: After the availability window for the test has passed, students will be able to get the feedback you specify by viewing their own test's History view.
  • After course end date: After the course's end date has passed, students will get the feedback you specify on their test's History view.

There are three feedback options:

  • Grades: The student can see her grade (as soon as it's available).
  • Response scores & feedback: The student can see what she got right (and wrong), together with the points or partial credit for each question, as well as any comments you wrote while grading the test.
  • Correct answers: The student can see the correct answers you entered for question types that can be automatically graded.
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