How to edit lessons

After (or while) designing your lesson, you'll likely want to make a few changes. This article describes how to make changes to lesson elements, settings, and pages. (To learn how to set up and re-order gated lessons, have a look at this article.)

Changing materials

After adding materials to your lesson, here's what you can do to change them:

  • Click   to edit the material.
  • Click   to delete it.
  • Click   to move the element to another page in the lesson.
  • Click   to insert new material below this element.
  • Click   to drag-and-drop the element to another part of the lesson.

Settings and pages

The right column of the page shows you the settings for this lesson, the pages in it, and any additional materials (discussions, assignments, files, and links) that you've added anywhere in this lesson.

  • Change any of the settings by clicking the setting name.
  • Add a page to the lesson to divide and structure the flow of the lesson.
    • Click   to change the page name.
    • Click Reorder Pages and drag/drop the pages into the order you'd like.
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