How to put gated lessons in order

"Gated lessons" refers to putting your lessons in a particular order for your students to work through. That is, before starting Lesson 2, students must complete Lesson 1 (and so on).

When creating a series of gated lessons, here are the things you'll need to keep in mind:

Lesson availability settings

The lesson's availability settings determine when your students will be able to access it. You can set availability when creating or editing a lesson. To include your lesson in a series:

  • Choose either Availability option.
  • Check After the previous lesson is completed.

In the above image:

  • The lesson will not be available to any of your students until November 2, 2019.
  • On that date, it will be available only to those students who have completed all the required items (see below) in the previous lesson.

Required elements in lessons

In order to complete a lesson, students must fulfill its requirements.

  • You can require the following lesson elements:
    • Assignments: Students must submit work for the assignment (it does not need to be graded—unless it's a grade-only assignment, in which case you must grade the assignment before the student can proceed to the next lesson).
    • Discussions: Students must participate in the discussion. If you've required a certain number of comments, replies, etc., then the student must fulfill those participation requirements before proceeding to the next lesson.
    • Files: Students must view/play or download the file.
    • Links: Students must click the link.
    • Tin Can: Students must complete the Tin Can package (these won't be marked complete until the Tin Can communicates to Populi that the student has completed it).
  • When adding one of those elements, check the option to require it.

Lesson order

The lesson order you see on the Course > Lessons view is the order in which students will take them. In the above image, The Southern Renaissance will be available to students on October 12, 2019, but only after they've completed The American Short Story.

To put lessons in a different order:

  1. Click Reorder lessons.
  2. Click and drag/drop the lessons into the desired order.
  3. When you're done, click Done Reordering.
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