The test question bank

After you create a test question, you can find it in the course question bank, which is located in the main Tests view under Questions. The view shows you all of the questions associated with the course.

  • The questions in this view include:
    • Those you've created for tests in this course
    • Questions attached to this course from past terms
    • Imported questions and those created from existing questions
    • Questions shared with other courses in the catalog
  • Click a category to see only the questions in that category. (Remember that questions can have multiple categories.)
  • Click Add a Question to create a new test question. These questions will be available for use on your tests whenever you use an add-question option that relies on an existing question.
  • Click Import Questions to add questions created for courses in which you are listed as faculty or which an admin has permitted to share questions with this course.
  • To edit a question, click  .
    • When you edit the question, it will change everywhere it is used, including in past tests (it will not change what appears on past student test attempts).
    • If you do not want the above to happen, you could try adding a new question and using the Create a new question based on an existing question option.
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