How to grade comments, replies, and discussions

In this article, you'll learn how to grade comments and replies on graded discussions, as well as your options for grading the discussion itself. Don't forget that you can also set up your graded discussion to use auto grading.

Grading comments and replies

Graded discussions give you the option of grading individual comments and replies from students. These comment grades can then be used as a grading requirement for the whole discussion.

  1. First, make sure you've entered something in the Grade Comments and/or Grade Replies settings. If you don't enter anything in these settings, you can't grade comments or replies!
  2. If you're using rubrics, you can also assign a rubric to graded discussion comments.
  3. Find the comment or reply you wish to grade. Click Enter grade.
  4. Enter the grade (or use the rubric).
  5. Finally, click Save.

If you need to change the grade later, click the grade to edit it.

Grading the discussion

To grade a discussion, you'll go to the assignment page. There you'll find a number of grading and review options.

  1. Go to the assignment's page. You can find that via the course Assignments view, the gradebook, or by going to the discussion's page and clicking Assignment page.
  2. Click a student's name to go to his assignment detail page.
  3. On that page, you'll have the following options:
  • The Feedback view lets you and the student interact regarding the assignment.
  • Review the student's contributions on the Discussion view.
  • Stats tallies up the student's contributions—number of comments, peer ratings given, etc.
  • Click Enter Grades to give the student a grade. If you've set up grading requirements for the discussion, you'll see how the student scored on each one.
  • You can edit the grade generated by the requirements or use the assignment rubric.
  • When you're done grading this student, click Save or Save and go to the student.
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