Managing recurring payments

Here's how recurring payments will work after you set them up.

Payment pages and payment plans

Payers who go to the payment page will have the option to make this a one-time payment or to pay this amount monthly as long as the student has an amount due. The payer can elect to make the monthly payment every month until they cancel or to make it a fixed number of times.

If you've enabled the Online setting for a particular payment plan, students can choose it when they go to pay their invoices on the online payment page. They will then be charged a recurring payment according to the plan's payment deadlines.

Managing recurring donations and payments

If a student has set up a recurring payment—or a third-party payer has set up a recurring payment on her behalf—you can find them on her Profile > Financial > Dashboard.

  • Click to see your options for managing the recurring donation or payment.
  • Payers can also use the payment management link to change, pause, re-start, or cancel the recurring payment.

Recurring reports

You can find a list of all recurring payments in Billing > Recurring Payments.

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