How to add and modify course meeting times

In this article, you'll learn how to add and change course meeting times.

  • You can add/change meeting times in three places:
  • Adding meeting times to courses lets you assign a course to a particular building and room.
  • It creates attendance events in that course.
  • It also adds the course to your school's calendars, which can then be accessed by staff, faculty, and students associated with the course. Those courses will also be shown on the facility calendars.
  • If the meeting times overlap with any school closures, those meeting times will be skipped on the various calendars and attendance screens.
  • Meeting times are optional—you don't need to add them in order to conduct a course. This comes in handy for online-only courses and other special situations.

When adding a course to a term

The dialog you use to add a single course to an academic term lets you add regular, repeating meeting times. (Of course, you can also add a course without setting up meeting times.)

  1. Go to Academics > Academic Term > Courses and choose the term you wish to work in.
  2. Click Add Courses and select Add a course.
  3. Enter the course's details.
  4. Check the day(s) on which a given meeting time will occur.
  5. Give it a name, if necessary (e.g. Lecture, Lab Work, etc.).
  6. Enter the From and To times.
  7. Enter how often a meeting time repeats—every week, every 3 weeks, etc.
  8. Select the building and room from the drop-downs. If you've already chosen a Campus, your options will be restricted to the buildings on that campus; if you haven't chosen a campus, you can choose from any of your school's buildings.
  9. If you wish, enter a URL and/or Notes about the meeting time. You could use these fields to, for example, provide a Zoom meeting link and password.
  10. Click Add Meeting. The meeting time will list in the box below. You can then repeat these steps to add other meeting times.
    • Delete or edit a meeting time by clicking .
    • When editing a meeting time, you can alter any aspect of it. When you're done making changes, make sure to click Save Meeting before saving/closing the dialog.
  11. Check if you wish to send an email to the course's faculty, teaching assistants, and students if any part of the schedule changes.
  12. When you're done, click Add course instance.

Adding meeting times on the Course > Settings view

You can add and change regular meeting times on the Course > Settings view.

  1. In the right column of the Settings view, click add meeting times. If there are already meeting times, click edit.
  2. Adding, editing, and deleting regular meeting times works just as described above.

Adding individual meetings on the course calendar

Course faculty and teaching assistants, academic admins, and registrars can add individual meetings on the course calendar.

  1. Go to the Course > Calendar view.
  2. Click Add event—or double-click the date on which you'd like to add an event.
  3. Enter the event's details (Summary, From/to Times); click More for more options, including Repeat, Alarm, and resource scheduling.
  4. Click Save when you're done.

After adding the event, it will be added to the course attendance calendar, as well as the calendars for any rooms, buildings, or resources mentioned in the event.

Editing meetings on the course calendar

You can edit any meeting on the course calendar, including regular meeting times created when adding the course or on the Course > Info view.

  1. Click the event you wish to change.
  2. Edit the details and click Save. (If you edit a regular meeting time, you can also save the changes for all future events, too.)
  3. You can also Delete the event or Cancel any regularly-occuring meeting time.
    • Deleted events are simply removed from the calendar.
    • Canceled events remain on the calendar, but display as Canceled. They are also removed from the Attendance view.
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