How to edit questions that are used on more than one test

After you including existing questions on your test—whether by adding individual questions or importing test sections, you can then edit them (if necessary).

Step 1. Edit the question

Click to edit the question.

Step 2. Choose what to edit

Since the question is used on other tests, you'll be given two options:

  • Replace it with a copy: This creates a duplicate of the question that's used elsewhere which you can then edit without affecting any of the other tests in which it is found.
  • Edit the original question: The changes you make here will change the question everywhere it's used except for test attempts that have already been submitted by students.

Step 3. Make your edits

After deciding which version—the duplicate or the original—to edit, go ahead and make whatever changes you see fit. You can change any aspect of the question except its type.

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    Danielle Pope


    There needs to be a way to change the TYPE of question.

  • 0
    Marybel Good

    Agreed.  I would like to be able to change the Type of question without having to build a new question.  For example, change a question from multiple choice to multiple answer.

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