Adding office hours to your faculty profile


Here's how to add office hours so your students know when and where to get ahold of you. Your office hours appear on the Syllabus view of any course you're teaching.

  1. Go to My Profile > Faculty.
  2. In the right column, click Add office hours.
  3. Check the days you'll be available and enter start/end times.
  4. Enter the date as of which you'll be available for these hours.
  5. Type the location—this could be anything from an office in the admin building to the off-campus coffee shop where you do your best work.
  6. If these hours are specific to a campus, choose the campus. Otherwise, leave that field blank.
  7. When you're done, click Save.

After you save these office hours:

  • You can add another set of office hours by repeating the above steps.
  • Edit office hours by clicking .
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