Step four: Add COA Categories


COA (Cost Of Attendance) Categories let you organize the charges under consideration in an aid classification (which you'll set up in the next step after this one). These categories will be used to generate amounts for the College Financing Plan that you make available to students.

  1. Click Add a COA Category.
  2. Give the category a name. This is the purpose the category will serve at your school. For example, a fine arts college might call something "Studio Time" and an engineering school might call something "Laboratory", but both might be considered "Other Education Costs" (see below).
  3. Select the category's type. Types are derived from the DoED's templates for the College Financing Plan. The amounts generated will be aggregated on the CFP by type. So, if an aid classification includes two COA Categories with the "Tuition and Fees" type, the amounts for those two categories will be added together on the CFP under the Tuition and Fees heading.
  4. When you're done, click Save.

You can delete a COA category as long as it is not used in an aid classification—just click .

Next: set up aid classifications.

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