Course Reporting

The Course > Reporting view provides a variety of reports about your students' activity in your course. Here's a look at each of the reporting tools; you can also get perspectives on individual students using the Student Course Summary.

Performance Dashboard

The performance dashboard gives you a look at student performance on assignments. You can use the drop-downs to look at specific students and/or assignments

Time Tracking

This report shows you how much time students spend on different portions of your course (and when they spent that time).

  • The report organizes student activity around Discussions, Lessons, Media Playback, Tests, and Other Course Pages(which includes things like Syllabus, individual assignments, etc.).
  • Use the filter to find specific students, dates, and types of course activity.


If your school is using course evaluations, you'll see the results of your course's evaluation as soon as the results are made available to you. To preserve student anonymity, you will not be able to see evaluation results until at least 60% of your students have submitted the evaluation. You can get more information about the evaluation and its availability on the Course > Settings view.

Change Log

The Change Log presents—in exhaustive detail—all the changes made to the course in the timeframe defined at the top of the screen. It includes everything from changes in specific course settings to student enrollment status to individual assignment grades, and so on.

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