How to find your courses in Populi

Here are the various ways you can find and navigate to your courses in Populi.

Home > Dashboard

When you log in to Populi, you can find a couple different ways to get to your courses on the Home > Dashboard view.

  • A list of your current courses is shown in the right column. Click to course name to go to the Course > Dashboard view.
  • In the main column, Alerts brings new activity in your courses to your attention. Click the Alert to go to that course.

My Courses

The My Courses view shows you all the courses currently in session (Dashboard) and every course you've ever taught (All Courses). If you also have a student record at your school, you have similar views for those courses as well.

My Profile > Faculty

Via the Faculty view on My Profile, you can find your courses, office hours, and some basic course stats; you can also export a spreadsheet of your course stats or your course schedules.

Email Notifications

Various events in a course will trigger Populi to email you a notification. Click the link in the email to go to that item in your course (you may have to log in to Populi).

You can opt-in to various course notifications in your personal Settings > Notifications view:

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