July 18 to July 29, 2022 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

In Admissions, applications and online reference forms have a new Published setting. While it's set to No, only your staff can access them; once it's set to Yes, you can make it available to applicants. Accordingly, we've also adjusted how the Show Online setting works, especially regarding how you embed applications on other web pages.

Password-protected tests now require that password when a student resumes taking an incomplete test.

Incomplete students can now participate in closed graded discussions.

You can now close an Inquiry without first commenting on it.

In Forms, you can now use deposit fees for the form's fee.

Super Terms get an asterisk in all of the term selectors in Billing, Financial Aid, and Admissions.

Library resource copies now include a list of inventory batches in which the copy has been included.

The mobile apps now include link lists in the Home, Syllabus, and Library views.

Financial aid disbursement batches now check for enrollment mismatches between the student's actual enrollment and the enrollment required by the disbursement—when a mismatch is detected, the award is set to Non Syncable.

Improved the getPossibleDuplicatePeople API call so it nets people with identical email addresses, phone numbers, or birthdates instead of just an identical last name.


Regardless of the view dropdown selection ALL entered resources in Library > Inventory were included in the export. We taught that exporter some manners.

If you were importing more than 100 people in Contacts, the importer would skip lead info fields and import the hapless leads without them.

The Bookstore checkout page was showing credit card fields and requiring a billing address even if the selected payment method was Charge to Account.

Videos and other stuff

On the blog we've announced Focus Sessions, which will help new Populi users (or users getting started in a new area of the tool) get training in small groups using virtual meetings with Populi Support. The first two are already scheduled; have a look at the Knowledge Base to sign up!

For this shorter video on Custom Fields, Josh got a haircut. For the longer version, he stuck with the new haircut because he's not the kind of guy who's gonna wear a wig just to make his style match up with a video's runtime.

Josh, that absolute mensch, has called this video Grading for Winners in the hopes that your grading method will make you cool enough to wear this jacket.

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