Request to have filter outcome checkbox functionality in Financial Aid screens

In some areas (Data Slicer and Admissions, for example) when a filter is used, there are checkboxes to the left of the student names in the output query which allow us to check or uncheck students prior to performing an Action. Is there a way that checkbox functionality can also be added to the Financial Aid areas?

Anything that can be done to allow or enhance batching of functions in the financial aid area would be greatly appreciated. Right now, so much has to be done one by one, manually to each record, where that level of minutiae is not needed in most other areas of Populi. If we could add Aid Classifications via Action, update custom fields, tags or awards that way it would save infinite amounts of time. Having the checkbox feature adds to the level of control we have on what records we are working on, especially as we are limited in the fields we can filter upon.

Thanks for considering.


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