How to create a test with open-ended availability

When setting up a test, you have four options for setting when it's available for students to take...

  • Available from: Lets you enter regular start and end dates
  • Available after: Lets you enter a start date; the test is then available until the end date of the course
  • Available until: Lets you enter an end date; the test is then available starting at either A) the course's start date or B) the time you set up the availability, until the date you entered
  • Always available: The test is available the entire time the course is in session (according to its start and end dates)

You can also set a due date for the test that's different from the end of the availability period you set up. For example:

  • You set up a due date of April 5, 5:00 PM for the test and make the test available until April 8, 5:00PM.
  • Students who start the test after the due date/time will be shown as being Past due time in the test's History view.
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    Donna Rixmann

    We just want to know how to make it show up in TESTS!!!


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    Michael Motsinger

    OK Donna - I had a good laugh when I read your post.

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    Melody Schweitzer

    Does setting and "end" availability date preclude students from viewing a completed exam? I am trying to keep students from viewing previous exams.

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    Brendan O'Donnell

    Melody Schweitzer You'd want to use the test's Feedback options to make that happen. Those are covered in this article. You'll use the Grades option, which only lets the student see her grade—not the questions and correct answers, etc.

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